Photographer & filmmaker

I’m a location independent photographer & filmmaker from Sweden, primarily working with hotel, lodge & resort photography and filmmaking.
I have over 15 years of experience working with images & film and have in the past years started to focus on primarily hotel, lodge & resort work all over the world.

Latest work

Above is a small collection of my latest work on various projects.

Collaboration with ifootage

For the past two years I’ve been collaborating with iFootage on their products and helping them develop new products. I’ve also done a couple of tutorial videos with them on the beautiful island of Tenerife that is available on their website.

Sony ambassador

I’ve been a Sony European Imaging Ambassador for 5 years working closely with the Sony DI team as well as Sony Broadcast being a Sony Independent Certified Expert. I’ve done lectures all over Scandinavia and my most requested topic has been on time lapse.